As we cover the material, I will post "afternotes" here. These are not a substitute for classes, but are meant to help you focus on the important core of the material. I will usually post them after treating the material in class. Generally they will consist of some notes and a detailed worked example.

Chap 1: Intro / Definitions

Sec 2.2: Separable Equations

Sec 2.1: Linear Equations

Sec 2.6: Exact Equations

Sec 3.1: 2nd Order Linear Equations

Sec 3.2: The Wronskian

Sec 3.3: Complex roots

Sec 3.4: Repeated roots

Sec 3.5: Inhomogeneous equations

Sec 3.7: Mechanical Oscillations

Sec 3.8: Periodically Forced Oscillations