Robin Young is the instructor.
Here are my office hours.

We meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:15 am in Goessmann Lab 51

Our text is Elementary Differential Equations, 11th edition, by Boyce, DiPrima and Meade.

This is a multi-sectioned course. All sections share the same TAs: they hold office hours from 4-6 pm, M-Th, in Lederle GRT 206 (MW) or 141 (TuTh).

Course work:

Online homeworks are due several times per week.

Written homeworks:

  1. First order equations, (midterm practice) due 10/3;
    Do all problems, but turn in evens!
    Here are solutions (I haven't checked them!)
  2. Extra Credit, due 11/16;
  3. Laplace transforms, due 11/28; and solutions.
  4. Systems, due 12/12; and solutions.
  5. Exam practice, due 12/17; with solutions to odds.
    Do all problems, but turn in evens!

Midterm: Thursday, October 4th at 7:00 pm; covers Chapters 1 & 2.
Midterm Grade Scaling Scheme

Final Exam: Monday, December 17th at 10:30 am in Totman Gym; covers the rest.

Previous final exams: Fall '17 with solution,
and Spring '18 with solution.

The review session is scheduled for Thursday, Dec 13th from 11:15-1:00, in our regular room.