Text and online homework:

We will use the textbook Elementary Differential Equations, 11th Edition (2017) by William E. Boyce, Richard C. DiPrima, Douglas B. Meade. An electronic copy of the textbook is integrated in the homework system that we will use for the class.

To register for online homework:

  1. Click on the link/code for your section:
    Sec. Instructor Time Code
    1 Robin Young MWF 11:15 657383
    2 Siddhant Agrawal TuTh 1:00 657384
    3 Hans Johnston MWF 12:20 657385
    4 Hans Johnston MWF 1:25 657386
    5 Siddhant Agrawal TuTh 11:30 657387
    6 John Lee TuTh 8:30 657389
    7 Stathis Charalampidis TuTh 10:00 657390
  2. After checking the details, create an account, using your UMass id,
    <netid>@umass.edu, as your email address.
  3. Purchase access (or use the 14-day grace period) and register for online access.
    The cost is $50, or $75 with printed version.

Here's a summary of steps (for section 1), and a longer introduction to the online system.

Add/Drop Procedure

To register in a section that is currently closed:
  1. Attend all classes while there is a chance of getting in.
  2. Keep trying on SPIRE: there is a lot of movement during add/drop and places usually open up. This is the most efficient way to add the class.
  3. As soon as you can, let your instructor know that you are trying to register.
  4. Beginning Wednesday Sep 12, instructors will forward names of students to be added to the course chair, who will forward the names for Spire overrides, if there is space. Direct requests from students will not be considered: you must go through your instructor!
Please note that for legal reasons, room capacities cannot be exceeded!