Transcription of Student Evaluations

Judaic Studies 192F Ė Spring 1999


1.Prof. Ellis was fantastic, and taught this course in a very enriching and illuminating manner not only for the knowledge and insight he brought to the text from an incredible amount of different sources including the original in Hebrew but also by his constant questions, encouragement to participate, openness and stimuli.The course was fascinating.It opened a world and way of thinking I didnít know before.Really awesome.MANY THANKS.


2.Iíve had the experience of studying Bible before.Iíve studied it for almost 7 years through intensive courses.But Iíve never enjoyed one as I enjoyed this one.The discussions were very interesting, and the professor was awesome.He is a very educated man in the field and a very good source.Although none of the students knew Hebrew, the professor took his time and pointed out key words and phrases from the original Hebrew text in order for us to understand some aspects of the story that are lost due to translations.Also he encouraged discussions between the students that drove us to express our points of view.


3.I felt that the course was extremely interesting and the instructor showed great knowledge and interest in the course.The instructor was obviously well prepared for each class and allowed and encouraged questions, comments, and differing opinions.I also felt that the choice of texts and outside materials enhanced the classroom experience.The instructor cared in the choice of these materials.While outside the instructorís control, a large class may have benefited and enhanced the discussions.