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            Moebius Strip


         Richard S. Ellis


Walking through Forest Park

  on a golden October morning

    with my son, grown up,

I seek a symbol for my life:

  the falling leaves,

    the waterfall,

      the lonely gull

    gliding over the lower pond,

  into which the upper pond cascades

down a rocky channel

  carrying a beer can

    that flips end over end over end

  and lands at a spot

before our feet.


The covered wooden bridge in the background,

  the phosphorescence of the leaves

    reflected in the water,

  I construct the perfect scene.

My son, eight years old, and I

  standing by this very water,

    throwing a ball back and forth.

Did I spend such a morning

  when I was eight years old?

    My father is dead.


My son picks up the can,

  shakes it dry,

    examines its perfect shape

      in the morning sun,

    rolls it between his fingers,

  and tosses it to me.

“Hey, Dad.  Catch.”