Selected Comments from Student Evaluations

The Purposes of Jewish Living

Florence Melton Adult Mini-School 2002-2003



1. Very knowledgeable and excited about his topic.


2.Richardís knowledge is awesome.His ability to develop the lesson and bring out the best in each of his students is incredible.It is hard to leave at the end of each class.


3.He made each lesson interesting, and I enjoyed his pointing out specific words in Hebrew in the Tanakh.Also, I found his selections in the text an added plus.


4.I have to say [that he is] one of the best teachers Iíve ever had (and I have completed Masterís level).Richard made the class.


5.Richard is a knowledgeable teacher who is positive and engaging in class.


6.Both teachers are knowledgeable and patient and present the material well.


7.Teacher enthusiastic and knowledgeable.