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Richard S. Ellis


The breath breathes

Through the lattice of my concepts.

The tightness in the forehead

Granulates and dissolves.

There is no I,

Only the breath

Balancing on the edge of itself.

Exiting.  Entering.  Balancing.


But I am hungry.

My knife cuts

The leathery flesh of the orange

Oozing juice onto my fingers

That I suck clean.

The sun explodes in my mouth.

The sun fades.

There is no I.


For twenty-one years I have struggled

To understand Kalu Rinpoche,

Who distills the entire teaching

In nine lines.


We live in illusion

And the appearance of things.

There is a reality.

We are that reality.

When you understand this,

You see that you are nothing.

And being nothing,

You are everything.

That is all.


I think it comes to this.

When you understand the nature of the breath,

everything will be understood.

The everything within you and without.

The nothing within you and without.

The breathing within you and without.