Comments on My Annual Faculty Reports

by Professor James E. Young,

Chair of the Department of Judaic and Near Eastern Studies



1999–2000 Annual Faculty Report


Professor Richard Ellis has made several valuable contributions to Judaic Studies at UMass.  He taught a very well-received one-credit course at the Hillel House, entitled “The Book of Job” in Spring 2000.  Student evaluations were uniformly appreciative of his expertise and commitment to teaching.  In addition, Professor Ellis has been writing regularly in the field of Jewish literature.  He published “Human Logic, God’s Logic, and the Akedah” in Conservative Judaism, had two articles accepted for publication, and completed three others.  These accomplishments are noteworthy insofar as they are interdisciplinary and reflect a wide range of interests and an unusual level of proficiency beyond his primary area of research.




2000–2001 Annual Faculty Report


As adjunct in the Department of Judaic and Near Eastern Studies, Professor Ellis has participated generously in both departmental activities, scholarship, and even in the classroom.  He taught a one-credit “enrichment” course through Hillel on Franz Kafka, which was warmly received.  And he has three article coming out, all related in some way to Judaic Studies, all in respectable journals.  Always an active participant in departmental events, Professor Ellis adds wonderfully to the discussions.  He’s a welcome addition, for which we’re all quite grateful.