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Dear Richard,

I've just had a look at your website. I think the Paris crime-wave story fits well in with what is already a quite eclectic website.

It's very nice of you to offer to send me the photocopies. In fact I've already ordered the book from Amazon and hope they will really send it but I would still love to have the photocopies since I am as a matter of fact in need of two copies of your book; I guess I will tell you about the unfortunate events that make me believe your book has caused a crime wave.

When I started working on my masterís thesis, I had managed to get hold of a used copy of your book (I didn't yet realize what improbable luck that was). Unfortunately it was almost immediately stolen. I then decided to borrow it from the library. According to the catalogue there was an available copy but I couldn't find it in the shelf. The librarian said it must have been stolen. The same thing happened at other libraries. Finally one of my professors offered to lend me his copy. This time I kept it in the PhD student office. Nevertheless one morning it was gone. I am losing my faith in humanity and have become very suspicious of anyone in Paris who works on statistical mechanics.

I've never had my belongings stolen before and used to believe that Paris was a calm and sheltered place, which is why I have to conclude that your book caused this crime wave.

Now I have to replace my professor's copy as well as my own. For a while I saw no other solution but to try to steal it from someone else in my turn. Sad to say, I abandoned the plan not by moral considerations but by the impossibility of locating a copy to steal.

This is why I would be extremely glad to have the photocopies for my personal useóand surface mail is fine. After my previous experience I'm not sure that I would want to have another hardcover. It would probably make me feel paranoid and I'd have to survey it constantly and maybe invest in some anti-burglary device.

I'm glad you could use my story.Maybe this way other owners of your book will be warned.

Thank you very much,