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REU 2017

The goal of the project is to learn some interesting mathematics and learn to realize your mathematical ideas in software. As main vehicle of our software part of the project we use python based mathematical library Sage.
Another objective is to learn to work in team. The large part of working in team is communicating with each other and synchronizing your progress with other members of the team. The standard tool for achieving that and moving project moving forward is GIT and we will learn to use it.
More broadly our objective is to learn some standard tools and methods from software developing world. Below is the link to the collection of the links that should help you set up your system and start learning crucial pieces of software.

Software jump-start. An awesome assembly of resourse provided by Gavin Morris

The mathematical part of the project is centered around the combinatorics of the three-dimensional partitions. The link below contains the some papers and thoughts on the subject. Without specifics the major goal would to find purely combinatorial proof of equality between topological capped vertex written in PT and DT presentations. You will learn about these objects later in the course of the summer.

Theoretical part of the project