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Andrea R. Nahmod

Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
University of Massachusetts Amherst
  710 North Pleasant St.
Lederle Graduate Research Tower
Amherst, MA 01003-9305

Tel. (413) 545-6031
Fax (413) 545 1801

nahmod(at)math dot umass dot edu


Conferences and Special Programs:

Upcoming Friday April 12th 2019, 12 Noon-6:30PM Lederle Tower 1634              

                   Rare Events, Information Theory, and Statistical Physics:  A Conference Celebrating Richard S. Ellis.  


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NEW!!  Upcoming Fall 2021:                            ICERM SEMESTER PROGRAM ON : 

                                                           Nonlinear Waves and Dispersive Evolution Equations

D. Córdoba, E. Faou, P. Gérard, A. Ionescu, A. Kiselev, A. Nahmod, B. Pausader and G. Staffilani

                  New Challenges in PDE:  Deterministic Dynamics and Randomness in High and Infinite Dimensional Systems.
                                                                                        MSRI Program  Berkeley, CA
Fall 2015

                                                                An Afternoon in Honor of Cora Sadosky
                                                            A conference in Harmonic Analysis and Operator Theory.

       Friday April 4th, 2014 at University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.   

                                      Challenges in Geometry, Analysis and Computation: High Dimensional Synthesis                                                                                                                           A Conference in Honor of Ronald R.Coifman, Peter W. Jones and Vladimir Rokhlin
June 4-6, 2012 at Yale University, New Haven, CT
                                                                                (Conference starts Sunday, June 3rd at 4PM.)
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My research lies at the overlap of Nonlinear Fourier Analysis/Harmonic Analysis and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations integrating into it tools from geometry, gauge theory and probability. These are two areas that intimately relate to each other by way of decompositions, frequency interactions analysis and nonlinear estimates. In recent years, its main focus has been to investigate:
(i) the behavior of solutions to nonlinear dispersive equations arising as models both in Physics and in Geometry -both from a deterministic and nondeterministic viewpoint and 
(ii) wave-packet analysis techniques and multilinear singular pseudodifferential operators naturally arising in Analysis and PDE.

Here are some of my Publications.

Research partially funded by the National Science Foundation.


Spring 2019:



PhD Students

Nikolaos Tzirakis (PhD 2004)   Nonlinear Dispersive PDEs. 

Tadahiro Oh (PhD 2007)   Nonlinear Dispersive PDEs. 

Viktor Grigoryan (PhD 2008) Geometric Nonlinear PDEs. 

Allison Tanguay
(PhD 2012) Nonlinear Fourier Analysis.

Haitian Yue (PhD 2018) Nonlinear Dispersive PDEs.

Xueying Yu (PhD 2018) Nonlinear Dispersive PDEs.

Michael Boratko(PhD 2018) Nonlinear Dispersive PDEs.

REU and Capstone  Students

Adam Cardenal-Stakenas (2001-2002;  REU and Capstone research semester)  Research on Fourier analysis, wavelet theory and signal recognition.

Nathan T. Senecal (2011-2012;  REU and Capstone research year) Research on Fourier analysis, geometry and combinatorics  

Derek M. Wood
(2011-2012;  Capstone research year) Research on Harmonic analysis and nonlinear dispersive PDEs.

Michael Breeling
(2012-2013;  Capstone research year)  Research on Fourier analysis, geometry and combinatorics  

Domonic Mei
(2012-2013;  Capstone research year) Research on Fourier analysis and analytic number theory.

Scott Destromp  (2016 REU)  Research on Invariant Gibbs measures for 2D periodic NLS equations.