Dinakar Muthiah

Dinakar Muthiah

I am Visiting Assistant Professor (postdoc) in Mathematics at the University of Massachusetts.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Lederle Graduate Research Tower, 1623D
University of Massachusetts Amherst
710 N. Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003-9305, USA

You may reach me at muthiah [at] math [dot] umass [dot] edu

Dinakar Muthiah

Research Interests

Representation theory and algebraic geometry.


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  2. D. Muthiah, D. Orr, "Walk algebras, distinguished subexpressions, and point counting in Kac-Moody flag varieties." [arXiv:1707.03366] (Submitted)
  3. J. Kamnitzer, D. Muthiah, A. Weekes, and O. Yacobi, "Reducedness of affine Grassmannian slices in type A." [arXiv:1611.06775] (To appear in Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society)
  4. D. Muthiah and P. Tingley, "Affine PBW Bases and Affine MV polytopes." [arXiv:1609.0661] (Submitted)
  5. D. Muthiah and D. Orr, "On the double-affine Bruhat order: the $\varepsilon=1$ conjecture and classification of covers in ADE type." [arXiv:1609.03653] (Submitted)
  6. K.-H. Lee, C. Lenart, and D. Liu, with appendix by D. Muthiah and A. Puskás, "Whittaker functions and Demazure characters." [arXiv:1602.06451] (To appear in Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu)
  7. J. Kamnitzer, D. Muthiah, and A. Weekes, "On a reducedness conjecture for spherical Schubert varieties and slices in the affine Grassmannian." [arXiv:1604.00053] (To appear in Transformation Groups)
  8. D. Muthiah, "On Iwahori-Hecke Algebras for $p$-adic Loop Groups: Double Coset Basis and Bruhat Order." [arXiv:1502.00525] (To appear in American Journal of Mathematics )
  9. D. Muthiah and P. Tingley, "Affine PBW Bases and MV Polytopes in Rank 2," Selecta Mathematica, N.S. 20, (2014) no. 1, 237--260. [arXiv:1209.2205]
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