Sources for Exploring Fractals


Fern. David G. Green Fractals and Scale
Plane. Dryden Photo Archive.
Photos. Courtesy of Edward A. Connors, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Sites of Interest

The Fractal Microscope is a nice interactive tool which allows the user to zoom in multiple times on the Mandelbrot set. It is a good tool for looking at the idea of self-similarity.

The Fractal pictures and Animations site at Rennes, France has many interesting pictures.

There is a FAQ site about fractals at Ohio State which gives some good explanations and ideas for further exploration.

There is the Spanky Fractal Database (yes, the name is pretty silly) which has lots of charming images as well as a good list of other fractal related www sites including a site with fractal generated music.

The Australian National University has a database for complex systems.

The Boston University Mathematics Department presents The Dynamical Systems and Technology Project by Prof.R.L. Devaney.


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To Jessica Norman and Wei Shen for their contribution to setting up the "Exploring Fractals" Project on the World Wide Web.

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