Make-up Exam Policy for
Mathematics 132, Calculus II

Spring 2004
Course Chair: Eyal Markman

By registering for this course you have entered into an implicit contract. One of the obligations of this contract is to participate in all course activities at their scheduled times. However, circumstances sometimes intervene and makes this not possible. This note is written to give you an idea of possible circumstances and what to do in case of an unavoidable event and how to avoid a lowering of your grade in such a case. It will not be possible to give make-ups to accommodate travel plans.

Note: This is intended to cover activities scheduled for the entire course. For activities that are specific to one section your instructor will have policies for that section and they may vary from section to section.

1. Multiple evening and/or final exams at the same time

By Official University Regulations, you should go to the Registrar's Office for a statement of conflict. The Registrar will determine which course has precedence. You should then give this form to the instructor of the course which is required to give a make-up. Two weeks notice is required; failure to complete this procedure in timely fashion may result in a ZERO on the examination.

2. Medical problems

For these you must submit a statement from a medical professional. It is your right not to disclose any details, but we must be assured that you are medically incapable of performing the activity for which you are requesting a make-up; a statement from a medical professional to this effect will suffice. If advance notice is possible and not given your instructor may refuse your request even if the rest of your request is in order.

3. Emergency absences from campus

Notify the Dean of Students (5-2684), who will then centrally verify the details and notify each of the student's instructors. This is to be preferred to the procedure of the student going to each instructor and having to verify the reason to each instructor.

4. Religious observances

State Law and University regulations require that a student be excused from academic pursuits on days of religious observances. The University provides a list of the major observance, and there are none on the days of the tests. The regulations also require that the student notify her instructors, in writing, at the beginning of the semester or the student may not be excused. While these holidays do not seem to conflict with any course activities, they may conflict with activities that your instructor has planned for an individual section.

5. Other circumstances

It is not possible to anticipate all of the possible things that can occur. Contact your instructor and explain the circumstances. (You should provide a written statement.) Your instructor will evaluate the reasons that you have given and come to a decision. To contact your instructor to give prior notice of an absence you may use one of the following methods:

The excuse that it was impossible to find your instructor will not be accepted.

Your instructor will make the final determination of the validity of the reason for missing activity, as well as the time and location of the make-up if it is warranted. It is important for you and your instructor to be in touch with each other, since there will no make-ups for the make-ups.

For students not attending an exam a ZERO will be entered in the computer even with prior approval. This can be changed, but when all make-up grades and all alterations to the original are entered the grades will be finalized and it will be impossible to change them. So it is your responsibility to keep in contact with your instructor so the computer is not closed without your entry.