Ergodic Theory: Math 646

Meeting : TuTh 1:00    TBA

Instructor : Luc Rey-Bellet

 Office :  1423 J LGRT
 Phone :  545-6020
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 Office Hours :   Tuesday 2:45--4:00,   Thursday 2:45--4:00,   or by appointment.

Text: The text is Walter's " An introduction to ergodic theory".



This course is an introduction to ergodic theory and dynamical systems. We will first introduce the basic concepts of ergodic theory: dynamical system, invariant measure, ergodicity and mixing. These will be illustrated with numerous examples (rotation of the circle, Bernouilli and Markov shifts, expanding maps, and so on) and their connection for example with probability, statistical mechanics and number theory. We then discuss the concept of entropy of a dynamical system and prove the variational principle as well as the Shannon Mc Millan theorem.


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