Differential equations and Dynamical Systems: Math 645

Meeting : TuTh 2:30--3:45    Hasbrouck Lab Add room 109

Instructor : Luc Rey-Bellet

 Office :  LGRT 1423 J
 Phone :  545-6020
 E-Mail :  luc@math.umass.edu
 Office Hours :   Tu 9:45--10::45,   Th 1:30--2:30,   or by appointment.

Text: There is no official textbook for the class, but classnotes are provided. There are many books on the subject, buying one which suits you best is a good investment.

I am some writing class notes. They will be posted here. This is a preliminary version. Check for updates. If you find typos, mistakes, unclear statements, please tell me.

Class notes-- PDF file, revised version 10/08


Syllabus: This course is an introduction to differential equations and dynamical systems. Among the subjects to be treated:

Grade: There will be one midterm exam (take-home) and one final exam (in class). Homework will be assigned regularly.


Homework :

Homework #1 (due on September 23):   HWK #1      

Homework #2 (due on October 7):   HWK #2      

Homework #3 (due on October 21 ):   HWK #3      

Homework #4 (due on November 4):   HWK #4      

Homework #5 (due on November 25):   HWK #5      

Homework #6 (due on December 12):   HWK #6