Differential equations and Dynamical Systems: Math 645

Meeting : TuTh 1:00    LGRT 111

Instructor : Luc Rey-Bellet

 Office :  1423 J LGRT
 Phone :  545-6020
 E-Mail :  lr7q@math.umass.edu
 Office Hours :   Tuesday 2:30--3:45,   Thursday 2:30--3:45,   or by appointment.

Text: There is no official textbook for the class, since I will not follow any particular one. There are very many books on the subject, and buying one which suits you best is a good investment. Here are some recommendations with some comments. Some of them will be put on reserve at the library. The material covered in the class can be found, roughly speaking, in a combination of Hurewicz (basic theory of ODE's) with Verhulst or Devaney, Hirsch and Smale (more oriented toward dynamical systems apsects).

I am some writing class notes. Although they won't replace a textbook they will be posted here. This is a preliminary version. If you find typos, mistakes, unclear statements, please tell me.

Class notes: Chapters 1 to 5 -- PDF file


Syllabus: This course is an introduction to differential equations. Among the subjects to be treated:

Grade: There will be one midterm exam (take-home) and one final exam. Homework will be assigned regularly, some will be graded.


Homework :

Homework #1 (due on Thursday September 23):   HW#1 PDF file      

Homework #2 (due on Thursday October 7):   HW#2 PDF file      

Homework #3 (due on Tuesday October 19):   HW#3 PDF file      

Homework #4 (due on Thursday October 28):   HW#4 PDF file      

Homework #5 (due on Tuesday November 23):   HW#5 PDF file      

Homework #6 (due on Thursday December 2):   HW#6 PDF file      

Homework #7 (due on Monday December 13):   HW#7 PDF file