Math 331.2: Spring 2010

Class Meeting : MWF 12:20—1:10, LGRT 101

Instructor : Luc Rey-Bellet

Office :  1423 J LGRT
Phone :  545-6020
E-Mail :   luc <at>
Office Hours :   Monday 2:00--3:15,   Wednesday 2:30--4:00,   or by appointment.

Teaching Assistants: There are 2 teaching assistants shared among all sections of Math 331. They will hold office hours every day from monday to thursday from 5pm to 7pm. If you have any questions go their office hours (or mine).

Room :

Instructor :   Sami Zreik
 Office :   LGRT 1337
 Phone :   545-0467
 E-Mail :   zreik <at>

Instructor :   Chenyu Wang
 Office :   LGRT 1423 P
 Phone :   545-0713
 E-Mail :   chenyu <at>

Syllabus: This course is an introduction to ordinary differential equations. The topics covered in this class are

Prerequisites are Math 132, corequisite are Math 233.

Text: Elementary Differential Equations, Ninth edition by W.E. Boyce and R.C DiPrima. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (ISBN: 978-0-470-03940-3)

Course Web page: Please bookmark The page will be updated regularly. Check it often for informations about quizzes, homework, exams!

Grading: There one midterm exam worth 1/3 of the grade and one final exam worth 1/3 of the grade. Homework are assigned weekly but the homework will not be collected and graded, every two weeks there is a quizz in class which consists of two questions similar to the questions in the homework. The quizzes are graded and they count as the last 1/3 of your grade. In order to be successful with the quizzes it is imperative that you do your homework regularly.

  Scales for letter grades:     A : 90     A-: 87     B+: 83     B : 80     B-: 77     C+: 73     C : 70     C-: 67    D+: 63    D : 60     F : <60

Exam schedule: There will one midterm exam and one final exam. The material covered in the first midterm will be announced in due time. The final exam is comprehensive but will cover mostly the material of the second half of the semester.

Weekly Schedule: Homework, Quizzes, and Exams