Math 131H-B: Fall 2010

Instructor : Luc Rey-Bellet
 Office :  1423 J LGRT
 Phone :  545-6020
 E-Mail :   luc <at>
 Office Hours : M 1:30--2:30, Tu 2:00--4:00pm, Th 11:30--12:30 ,   or by appointment.

Class Meeting : MWF 11:15--12:05    LGRT 113

Recitation: Tu 11:15--12:05    LGRT 113
  Instructor: Dechang Chen
  Office :   1323 O LGRT
  Office hours: M 2:30--3:30, W 1:30--2:30.
  E-Mail: dchen <at>"

Calculus Tutoring center: The Calculus tutoring center is in LGRT 110 and is open Monday through Thursday from 10am to 3pm for every student in Math 131, Math 132, and Math 233. You can drop at any time and ask questions to the present instructors. The center will start operating Monday Sep. 13 and the schedule can be found there.

Syllabus: This course is part of a 3-semester sequence (131-132-233), covering standard material on differential and integral calculus at an intermediate level: more sophisticated (and much faster moving) than high school calculus, but with less emphasis on theoretical rigor than in advanced courses. Instead the emphasis is on basic concepts, methods, and applications suitable for students majoring in engineering, natural sciences, computer science, and mathematics. In Math 131 we cover differential calculus and some of the integral calculus (Sections 1 to 5 in Stewart).

Text : Stewart, Calculus, Early Transcendentals (6th edition). The Umass textbook annex has a customized version for University of Massachusetts-Amherst. This is a cheaper paperback version. Make sure to get the correct one ("volume 1").
We will NOT use the Webassign, so do not purchase the WebAssign license or the textbook+WebAssign bundle.

Course Web page:

Grading : There is a final exam worth 30% and two exams during the semester worth 25% each. The final 20% of each student's grade will be determined by the homework and attendance.

  Scales for letter grades:     A : 90     A-: 87     B+: 83     B : 80     B-: 77     C+: 73     C : 70     C-: 67    D+: 63    D : 60     F : <60

Exam schedule : It is your responsibility to be fully aware of the policies in the make-up policy . Please inform me asap in case of conflict with another exam.
There will two midterms exams and a final exam. The final exam is comprehensive with some emphasis placed on topics covered after the second exam. You are allowed to use a calculator during the exams.

Please be aware of these dates and write them down in your datebook. Sections covered on an exam will be announced before the exam date. The date and time of the final exam will be scheduled by the university. Adjust your travel plans accordingly.

For some practice exams look at OLD EXAMS .

Weekly schedule: Here you will find a weekly schedule for day-to-day coverage of the material. You will also find recommended problems for each section. These problem will be discussed during the recitation section. This page will be updated as needed so please check it often.

Homework: Important Note: Most of your weekly homework will be done using the online WeBWorK system.