Math 331 Section 1&2 Ordinary Differential Equation

Instructor: Jinguo Lian

Office: LGRT(1028)

Phone: (413)-545-6016



Location and times

Section 1 (MWF 10:10 - 11:00am) and Section 2(MWF 11:15-12:05pm)  Location: LGRT219

Office hours:  MWF: 2:30-3:30, Location: LGRT1028. 

Teaching Assistants                                 

Monday: Xueying Yu 4-6pm, Jie Wang 5-6pm

Tuesday: Cory Ward 4-6pm, Xueying Yu 5-6pm

Wednesday: Joanthan Maack 4-6pm, Cory Ward 5-6pm

Thursday: Jie Wang 4-6pm, Joanthan Maack 5-6pm

TA's office hours will run in HASA 228 from Jan. 29 to May 1st.


Introduction to ordinary differential equations.First and second order linear differential equations, systems of linear differential equations, Laplace transform, numerical methods, applications. If you already passed math131, math132, then you are eligible to register math331. 


Elementary Differential Equations, 11th Edition (2017) by William E. Boyce, Richard C. DiPrima, Douglas B. Meade


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Written homework  

Four written homework will be given occasionally through the term. Questions in written homework are based on weekly homework assignments. Normally There is no make-up for written homework.


There is no required calculator for the course, although many students find them helpful. You will be allowed to use a calculator on exams , you must show all work other than arithmetic calculations. I recommend you to buy TI-89 calculator if you don't have one.


The grading of the course will be as follows. There will be a final exam worth 30%, Mid-term during the semester worth 30%, Homework worth 30%, written homework worth 10%. All scores will be scaled to a 0-100 scale before averaging.

Final Exam

The final will be cumulative, with some emphasis placed on topics covered after the first exam. The date and time of the final exam will be scheduled by the university. The final will only be given at that time, and not at any other time for any reason. In particular, adjust your travel plans accordingly; planning to leave for vacation before the final exam is a bad idea.

Exams Schedule

The dates of the exams during the semester are tentatively scheduled to be the following:

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Drops, Withdrawals, and Incompletes

The last day to drop with no record, or to submit a Pass/Fail option, is Monday, Feb 5th. If you intend to drop, please do so as soon as possible; others may be waiting to enroll in your section. The last day to drop with a W is the mid-semester date, Thursday, Mar 7th.

An Incomplete is possible only if: (1) you had a compelling personal reason, e.g., serious illness; (2) your work has clearly been passing; and (3) there's a good chance you'll complete the course with a passing grade within the allotted time. Thus, failing work is no reason in itself for an Incomplete.