Math331 homework problems

This is a list of Math331 online homework and written homework from the sections in textbook we will cover. You must  hand in the written homwork problems on time for graded assignments. There is no extension for the wirtten homework. I won't return your homework, you should leave your own copy before you hand in. If you hand in the homwork after due date, you will receive zero.  For the online homework you should click the homework and log on the Wileyplus system to finish it online before the due date, there is no extension for online homework.

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Each homework set normally is due 11:50pm, Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday, I list the due date at this time beacuse the help center of math331 is running (1/29-5/1) from Monday-Thursday, 4-6pm. If you have any questions about your homework, please see math331 TAs.

For the written homework, I will asssign part of following sets as the homework later.

Math331 Handwritten Homework

 1. Midterm practice questions                                      Solutions of midterm practice questions

 2. Step and Impulse Functions Homework

 3. Systems Homework

 4. Final practice questions

Week Lecture Written Homework
1/22 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 Introduction  
1/29 2.1 Linear ODEs
2.2 Separable ODEs


2.3 Modelling with ODEs 
2.5 Autonomous equations
2/12 2.4, 2.7, and 2.8 Theory and Euler methods
2.6 Exact equations
2/19 3.1 2nd order equations with constant coefficients 
3.2 Theory 
2/26 3.3 Complex roots 
3.4 Repeated roots
3/5 3.5 Nonhomogeneous ODEs
3.7 Mechanical and Electrical oscillations


Spring Recess

3.8 Forced oscillations
6.1 Laplace transform


6.2 Initial value problems 
6.3 Step functions


6.4 Discontinuous forcing
6.5 Impulse functions


7.1 Introduction to systems


7.2--7.3 Matrices
7.4 Theory


7.5 Real eigenvalues 
7.6 Complex eigenvalues