Lecturer:Panos Kevrekidis
Class Meetings:TTh 11:30-12:45, LGRT 145
PK's Office Hours: W: 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., Th: 1:00 p.m. -- 2:30 p.m., or by appointment.
PK's Contact Info:
Office:LGRT 1524
E-mail: kevrekid@math.umass.edu
Mailbox:LGRT 1623D


General Information Handout

Notes for the Pendulum/Spring/Quadrature Discussion

Review Practice Problems for the Midterm (to be done on 10/17)

Review Practice Problems for the Final Exam (to be done on 12/18)


Assignment 1: Due Thursday, September 13

Assignment 2: Due Thursday, September 20

Assignment 3: Due Thursday, September 27

Assignment 4: Due Thursday, October 4

Assignment 5 and 6: Due Thursday, October 18 (for 3.7, 5.1) and Thursday, October 25 (for 5.2, 5.3)

Assignment 7: Due Thursday, November 1

Assignment 8: Due Tuesday, November 13

Assignment 9: Due Tuesday, November 27

Assignment 10 and 11: Due Tuesday, December 4 and Tuesday, December 11 (respectively)

Downloads / Matlab Computations:

Two codes for the numerical solution of ODEs by

John Polking

of Rice University are:

pplane8.m for planar systems

odesolve.m for higher-order autonomous systems

A few introductory links for Matlab:

A basic tutorial for Matlab

A Matlab Tutorial by Peter Turner of Clarkson University

A Matlab Tutorial by Monica Nitsche of the University of New Mexico

The Rossler code


The Lorenz code


The Linear Spring code


The Pendulum code


their integrator used in class

A code to iterate the logistic map for different r's to observe the chaos/self-similarity/fractal nature and period doublings

The simple 1-equation Newton code presented in class

The generalization of Newton to 2 equations

The Runge-Kutta integrator for the 2-equation system

An interesting discussion of dynamical models of love by J.C. Sprott

A discussion of the dynamical models associated with Catastrophe Theory by E.C. Zeeman