Math 611: Algebra I
Fall 2013

Instructor: Paul Hacking, LGRT 1235H,


Classes: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 10:10AM--11:00AM in LGRT 1234.

Office hours: Mondays 4:00PM--5:00PM and Tuesdays 3:00--4:00PM, in my office LGRT 1235H.

Course text: Abstract Algebra, by D. Dummit and R. Foote, 3rd ed., Wiley 2004. googlebooks.

Other useful references:

Lecture notes from Algebra sequence 2012-2013 by Prof. Tevelev here.

Algebra by M. Artin. googlebooks.

Algebra by S. Lang. googlebooks.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate abstract algebra at the level of UMass Math 411--412.


Homeworks will be assigned every 1--2 weeks and posted on this page.

HW1. Due Wednesday 9/18/13.

HW2. Due Wednesday 9/25/13.

HW3. Due Wednesday 10/9/13.

HW4. Due Friday 10/18/13.

HW5. This homework will not be graded, but the material (ED=>PID=>UFD) will be covered by the midterm exam on Wednesday 10/23/13.

HW6. Due Friday 11/8/13.

HW7. Due Friday 11/22/13.

HW8. This homework will not be graded, but the material (exact sequences and tensor products) will be covered by the take-home final.


There will be one midterm exam and one final exam.

The midterm exam will be held on Wednesday 10/23/13, 7:00PM---8:30PM, in LGRT 1234. The midterm exam is here. Solutions are here.

The final exam will be a take home exam distributed on Friday 12/6/13 and due on Friday 12/13/13. The final exam is here.

The algebra sequence 611--612 is also assessed via the algebra qualifying exam. General information. Syllabus.


Your course grade will be computed as follows: Homework 30%, Midterm 30%, Final 40%.

Overview of course

See the syllabus for the algebra qualifying exam here.

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