Aggressive spam filtering still in effect

Spam is more under control these days than ever before, thanks to SpamAssassin, but there is still plenty of junk showing up in my mailbox. Thus I still routinely treat email from certain domains as spam without reading it.

The bad domains

The filter I'm using doesn't allow anything from the following domains to get to my inbox, unless I have added a specific address to my filter's "A-list":

Note that right now,

is not treated as a bad domain. (This should not be construed as an endorsement of gmail ... au contraire! Just a recognition that I don't get any spam from them.)

There are other domains not included above, but these are the main offenders. Mail sent from these domains isn't deleted, but instead is written to a separate file for later deletion. I'll scan through the file occasionally to make sure that no one got put there by mistake, but I don't look there very much (that's the whole point of the filtering).

If you use an account from the bad domains ...

If you want to send me email, and you want to use an address from one of the above domains, then there are a few options:

Finally, my address isn't That's an awesome address, but it's not mine. My real address appears at the bottom of this page in a crudely disguised form.

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Paul Gunnells
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