Calculus I (Math 131)

Final Exam

Our section will take the final exam on Dec 17, 2018, from 1–3pm in Boyden Gym.

Review sessions will be as follows:


This webpage records information for our section. Full details about the course, including the syllabus, exam dates, and instructions for the online homework system, can be found on the main Math 131 course page.


You will have to self enroll on Webassign for our section, as described on the main Math 131 course page. The “class key” for our section is

umass 3684 6576

Please sign up as soon as you can.

Office Hours

There are no more office hours this term.


I try to answer as many questions as possible during lecture. If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask. Chances are other students also have the same question. I also usually stick around a few minutes after class to answer quick questions (such as questions about parts of the lecture, a homework problem you’ve tried, etc.). Most students find this to be a good way to clear up confusion.

You should also make full use of your discussion section. In particular the teaching assistant is there to help you with your questions and to support your work in the course. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Outside of class, the best way to get help is through my office hours, the teaching assistant’s office hours, and the CTC (Calculus Tutoring Center, LGRT 140). I am in the CTC Mondays 11–12 (right after our class meeting). The TA’s office hours in there will be announced later. The CTC is open Monday-Thursday 10–3 for help with Math 131, 132, and 233 (evening hours are reserved for Math 127/128). Sometimes only a little bit of consultation is all that’s needed to deal with difficulties. One thing to remember is that you will get much more out of office hours/CTC if you make a serious effort to do the problem on your own first.

There is also some drop-in tutoring offered during the term at WEB DuBois library. This takes place on the 10th floor through the Learning Resource Center. I don’t have more information about it, but you should be able to find out via the library’s webpages. (If anyone wants to send me the relevant info I can post it here.) I have heard good reports about this tutoring service in the past, and it also typically has evening hours.

Although I like to get a lot of questions from students, it is not possible to answer mathematical questions by email. Please don’t be offended if you ask me a mathematical question by email and I don’t respond. I’ve found in the past that trying to discuss mathematics by email rarely helps anyone, and usually only causes more confusion. It’s much more effective to ask me such questions during class or office hours.