Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Massachusetts

Ph.D.: University of Washington, Statistics, 2008
M.S..: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Science and Technology Studies, 2000
B.S.: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Electrical Engineering, 1998

Curriculum Vitae


Krista J. Gile's research focuses on developing statistical methodology for social and behavioral science research, particularly related to making inference from partially-observed social network structures. Most of her current work is focused on understanding the strengths and limitations of data sampled with link-tracing designs such as snowball sampling, contact tracing, and respondent-driven sampling.

Affiliations and Collaborative Groups



"Diagnostics for Respondent-driven Sampling" (2012) (with Lisa G. Johnston and Matthew J. Salganik). arXiv:1209.6254. Under Review.

"Estimating Hidden Population Size using Respondent-Driven Sampling Data" (2012) (with Mark S. Handcock and Corinne M. Mar). arXiv:1209.6241. Under Revision.

"Network Model-Assisted Inference from Respondent-Driven Sampling Data" (2011) (with Mark S. Handcock). arXiv:1108.0298. Under Revision.

"On the Concept of Snowball Sampling" (2011) (with Mark S. Handcock). arXiv:1108.0301. Sociological Methodology 41: 367-371.

"The Effect of Differential Recruitment, Non-response and Non-recruitment on Estimators for Respondent-Driven Sampling" (2011) (with Amber Tomas). arXiv:1012.4122. Electronic Journal of Statistics 5: 899-934.

"Improved Inference for Respondent-Driven Sampling Data with Application to HIV Prevalence Estimation" (2011). arXiv:1006.4837. Journal of the American Statistical Association106:498, 135-46.

"Respondent-Driven Sampling: An Assessment of Current Methodology" (2010) (with Mark S. Handcock). arXiv:0904.1855v1. Sociological Methodology 40: 285-327.

"Modeling Networks from Sampled Data" (2010) (with Mark S. Handcock). Annals of Applied Statistics 4: 5-25.

"A Framework for the Comparison of Maximum Pseudo Likelihood and Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Exponential Family Random Graph Models" (2009) (with Marijtje A.J. van Duijn and Mark S. Handcock). Social Networks, 31: 52-62.

"Modeling Social Networks with Sampled or Missing Data" (2007) (with Mark S. Handcock). CSSS Working Paper 75 (note that much of the material in this paper is included in "Modeling Networks from Sampled Data" above).

"Developmental Contexts and Mental Disorders Among Asian Americans" (2007) (with David T. Takeuchi, Seunghye Hong, and Margarita Alegria). Research in Human Development, 4:1-2, 49-69.

"Model-based Assessment of the Impact of Missing Data on Inference for Networks" (2006) (with Mark S. Handcock). CSSS Working Paper 66.

"Financing the Public Mental Health System in New York State" (2004) (with John A. Hornik). Technical Assistance Report. New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors, Inc.


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