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Course Objectives

The main objective of this class is to practice writing about mathematics.  All writing has to be done in the word processing system LaTex (see resources below).
The mathematical writing will be based on

There will be group projects, including a final presentation of the projects by each group.

Examples of mathematical writing:

Latex installation
TexShop for Mac  •  MikTex for PC • various commercial online editors (usually free for single user), e.g. Overleave, LaTex Base

Sample files
latex source examplelatexed pdf of example source file • latex slides examplelatexed pdf of slide example
latex typsetting manual • various commercial online editors (usually free for single user)

Writing check list

UMass resources
Writing Center:  tutoring and advise on your writing.

Career Center:  advise on job applications, internships, grad school applications, cover letters, vitae.

Upcoming event dates

List of group projects: TBA

Course Log and assignments:
Week 1Download the full latex installation on your laptop  from the links in the resources section (mac users and microsoft users need different intsallations---those who run linux can fare for themsleves, since they know better anyway). Familiarize yourself with its basics by using the templates provided above. Get help from fellow students if you have difficutlies or google your questions. All writing in this class has to be done in LaTex.
Reading Assignment Paul Lockhart  "A Mathematician's Lament".
Writing Assignment due  9/19/2019:
Write an essay (minimum 1 page single spaced in latex) how your experience with math so far compares to Lockhart's view of mathematics and how it  should be taught. Consult the
writing check list before you hand in your essay.

Week 2Make sure you have latex up and running seamlesly.
Reading Assignment : "The Beauty of Doing Mathematics" the first hour of a  lecture by Serge Lang, titled "The great problems of geometry and space". Then read the first 2 chapters of  "The Poincare Conjecture" by Donal O'shea (the book is a rather large file, so be patient when downloading via slow servers).
Writing Assignment due  9/26/2019write a 2-3 page singly spaced essay for say the campus news paper (i.e., your essay should be accessible by all students and faculty) on how the Greek geometer Eratosthenes (275-195 BC) concluded that he earth was round and how he
caclulated its circumference to great accuracy. Provide some biographical detail of
Eratosthenes and enough mathematical detail for readers to follow the calculations. Include some drawings to aid explanations etc.