STAT 515 Section 3-- Introduction to Statistics I

Fall 2017


Instructor: Anna Liu

Lecture: MWF 1:25-2:15, LGRT 204

Office: LGRT 1438



          Homework assignments and notes

Office Hours: Thursday 2-3 or by appointment


The instructor’s 30% for Section 3 will be based on weekly written HW, weekly online WebWork HW, and five in-class quizzes.  


Quizzes and homeworks:

1.     WebWork will be due Tuesday evenings and written HW will be due Friday in class. There may be some exceptions due to exams and holidays. At some point later in the semester, the online HW will cease and the written HW will become longer.

2.     No late homework is accepted. One missed Webwork HW and one missed written HW are allowed.

3.     Quizzes are randomly given on the days when there is homework due. It will be at the beginning of the class and will only take a couple of minutes.  Please arrive punctually. No make-up quizzes.

4.     In writing up homework, it is not sufficient to give only the answer to a problem; you must show how it was calculated (it is not necessary to show detailed calculations, just enough to show that you know what you are doing.).

5.     Discussion of homework with fellow students is encouraged, but the final write-up must be your own.

6.     For the written HW, make sure your name is on every page and your work is stapled. The grader is not responsible for lost sheets. If you have any issues/questions with the grading, ask the grader TA-NAME by email or at their office hour. If you are not satisfied, please bring the issue to me. Due to limited UMass resources, not all problems will be graded.


The online homework is done using webwork. You can login into your account on Webwork from here if you are in Section 3. Your user name is the part of your SPIRE username ( UMass email address appearing before the '@ ' symbol and usually your NetID). Your default password is your 8 digit UMass SPIRE ID number. Please make sure you change your password once you login for the first time. Write-up/Print your solutions, and keep them, say in a binder, so that you may easily reference that when you are studying for an exam.